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BTS's Jungkook Pays Homage to Western Music History with 'Vogue Korea' Covers

Seoul, South Korea - Jungkook, the golden maknae of global sensation BTS, has collaborated with 'Vogue Korea' to curate a visual journey through the annals of Western music history. The October edition showcases Jungkook on four distinctive covers, each representing a significant epoch in the evolution of Western music.

Starting with 'The Jazz Age', Jungkook transports readers to a time when swing and jazz dominated the soundscape. The black and white imagery, combined with a timeless checkered suit jacket, captures the elegance and sophistication of the era.

Transitioning to 'British Rock in the 60s', the vocalist channels the era's iconic vibes. The chic black rockstar ensemble pays homage to a time when legends like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were setting musical milestones. With tousled hair, dark eyeliner, and a confident pose, Jungkook encapsulates the rebellious spirit of the 60s.

The '1970's Punk' cover showcases Jungkook immersed in the raw, unfiltered ethos of punk. The graffiti-filled backdrop, paired with his intense gaze, reflects an era where punk was more than just a genre; it was a voice of dissent and a call for change.

Concluding with 'Modern Hip-Hop', Jungkook is seen leaning against a sleek black Rolls-Royce. This cover symbolizes the opulence and dominance of contemporary hip-hop, highlighting the genre's journey from underground beats to global acclaim.

The October edition of 'Vogue Korea' promises an in-depth look at Jungkook's pictorial homage. Through this collaboration, both the artist and the magazine celebrate the rich tapestry of global music cultures, bridging generations and genres.

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  • Release Date: October 2023
  • Shipment: The magazine will be shipped after the release date.
  • Highlight: BTS JUNGKOOK stars in Vogue Magazine for the 2023 October issue.
  • Language: Korean

Secure your copy and dive deep into the world of music with Jungkook's captivating visuals.

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